The MediPedi® Treatment is a gentle and effective treatment that utilizes alkaline wash, herbal pigment oil and callous crème to address callouses, corns, cracked heels, rough, dry skin, dark pigmented areas and fungal or bacterial infections without rasping or scraping techniques. It may be used on most skin types (except people with a typically darker oriental or sub-continental complexion and some darker skin tones which can be prone to pigmentation).

Alkaline wash cleanses the surface epidermal cells and dissolves the dry, hardened skin on the feet. It is similar to a chemical peel without the trauma of a controlled burn or the uncomfortable convalescence required by conventional chemical peels. The strength of alkaline wash can be tailored to suit your skin condition by the DMK skin technician. herbal pigment oil and callous crème help reduce callous build up and leave the feet smoother and softer. While the MediPedi® Treatment should give a definite improvement and restore health to your skin, topical chemistry cannot guarantee a 100% outcome and the technician cannot provide a definite timeframe in which to expect optimum results.


Results will vary from person to person as each individual’s skin will respond differently.

What is the procedure for the MediPedi® Treatment?

1. On the day of your treatment, the technician will cleanse your skin and apply the alkaline wash solution. Let the technician know if you experience any uncomfortable stinging and burning sensations so they can remove the solution immediately.


NOTE: alkaline wash should never be occluded.

2. After the application is completed, the technician will remove the solution and neutralize immediately. Your skin may look shiny and slightly red.

3. The technician will finish the treatment by applying herbal pigment oil and callous crème to further reduce callouses and hardened skin.

A pedicure to effectively treat the thickening of the soles of the feet. This procedure will remove all dead skin without causing the skin to re-thicken. This also includes cuticle work, massage and nail paint.